"There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories."

                                                                                      -- Ursula K. LeGuin

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Storytelling Programs to Improve Literacy & Communication

Storytelling is one of the oldest traditions of mankind and is a unique way to enhance literacy and communication skills, build self-esteem, and so much more. We provide professional storytelling for education, children and youth, and families in at-risk communities in New Jersey. Programs can be found in schools, detention and youth shelters as well as community organizations. Check out the following to find how storytelling can help you!

Storytelling Success! - Listen to what this teacher has to say about the success of storytelling with her student!

Today, more than ever, at-risk communities are lacking the resources – monetary, emotional, social or psychological – to live full, healthy lives that enable them to develop and grow into happy contributing members of society. The children and youth of these communities, are at risk of

  • not being ready for school
  • failing in school
  • forming unhealthy relationships
  • lagging in literacy development
  • engaging in self-destructive behaviors
  • developing anti-social behaviors
  • not finding and sustaining a career...and more
SAI is dedicate to helping remediate these issues in the at-risk communities we serve. 

What's New

SAI is thrilled to be working back in Paterson and Morristown. Be sure to check out these fantastic articles from the Paterson Times and NJ.Com.

SAI is very pleased to be working on the following programs:

  • 3rd Year Mentoring Program with Pre-Kindergarten Teachers inPaterson, NJ
  • Morris County Detention Center and Youth Shelter
  • 1st Year Intensive Program at Little Falls Elementary School
  • 7th Year of our Pre-School Residency at the Head Start Organization of Morris County
  • Storytelling Program with Normandy Park Elementary School
  • Poetry residency with St. Paul's Catholic School in Princeton, NJ



SAI is proud to be currently funded by:

   Morris County Grant in Aid

   The Countess Moira Charitable Foundation

   The Princeton Area Community Foundation

   The PNC Foundation

   The Turrell Fund 

Our vision is to enable at-risk children and youth to bridge the literacy gap, build communication and social skills and succeed in school and the outside world. Whether challenged by learning disabilities, learning English as a second language or living in impoverished conditions, those we serve are language deprived.

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